• Workshop on NGCPV in Miyazaki
SOLAR QUEST Project Leader Yoshiaki Nakano
  • SOLAR QUEST Project Leader
  • RCAST, Research Center for
    Advanced Science and Technology
  • Prof.
  • Yoshiaki Nakano

AcSolar Quest

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  • NEDO Conference for "Innovative Solar Cells" in Yokohama (8, November, 2011)

    The confenrence will take place in "Hamagin Viamare", nereby Yokohama Minato-Mirai, for exchange technical information on PV research projects. Our group leader, Prof Yoshi Nakano will be giving a talk on "Postsilicon solar cells for Ultra-high Efficiencies", and poster session will be held for providing details on each research themes of the project. Paticipation fee is free, no necessary to make registration.
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  • Postsilicon High-Efficiency project meeting (updated : 1, November, 2011)

    Postsilicon meeting was held on 31st December at RCAST. The meeting had commenced with the presentation on "basis"; he mentioned importance and potential of solar energy in actual society etc. Details of meeting, including some of the presentation slides, will be shown on this site.
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  • Group Meeting [Optical Management](20, September, 2011)

    Meeting of Optical Management Group. Ideas and simulation results for the device design of higher efficiency PVs have been reported. Also, the experimental plans have been discussed.
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  • The 7th GS+I workshop(16, September, 2011)

    The 7th GS+I workshop was taken place in Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo,Japan.The endowed chair for GS+I (Global Solar and Initiative) project was set up on University of Tokyo, from Nov. 2011.
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International Research Center for Global Energy and Environmental Technologies "SOLAR QUEST"

We are proud to announce that RCAST has initiated SOLAR QUEST, an international research center for global energy and environmental technologies to address the issues on global environment, energy and resources.

SOLAR QUEST carries out innovative R&D projects in close cooperation with industries, universities and research institutes, both domestic and overseas, in aim to establish a global sustainable system by using the abundant solar energy.

In 2008, we have also established ENEOS Lab, situated within the campus, in cooperation with Nippon Oil Corporation (ENEOS), and have commenced a project on "Post-silicon solar cells for ultra-high efficiencies", under support by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). We will also launch GENNAI (Global Energy Navigating and Nature Apprehension Interdisciplinary: an international association in search for global energy and understanding of nature), to conduct research on strategic planning/inspection for global development of energy and green technologies. The international advisory committee (Chairman: Prof. Hiroshi Komiyama, President of the University of Tokyo) will govern our activities. In addition, we will promote R&Ds on next-generation storage batteries and biomass fuels etc. and provide an international platform for communication and interaction to develop human network and to challenge the global issues on energy and resources.